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Singapore SMEs looking for overseas business contacts can now access Leadbook's global database of 20 million verified contacts from 4 million organisations across 145 countries. Leadbook is a research and analysis tool that provides customer insight through crawling websites in order to gather data used in real-time. It aids in lead generation by finding potential customers for companies across all verticals and markets internationally. Leadbook does this by profiling the global audience with meta-tags and attributes like geography, designation, industry, size, job titles and contact email addresses.

What are the benefits of using Leadbook?

  • Verified Contacts
    100% verified email contact ID with guaranteed free replacement up to 30 days after you unlock a profile.
  • Complete Records
    100% complete contact records, with name, email, social network links, organisation, job title, geography and industry.
  • Unlimited Search and Filtering
    Unlimited search and filtering capabilities across every job title, organisation, employee size, geography and industry.
  • Build A List
    Unlimited saved search and saved list building functionalities to store the criteria for your target segments.
  • Exporting
    Unlimited export capability and native integrations, including Application Programming Interface access.
  • Shared Credits
    Credits shared among users. A credit is used each time you unlock a verified contact or an organisation profile. Add more credits by adding users or upgrading your plan.

What benefits can I receive?

Eligible Singapore companies can:

  • Enjoy a 25% price discount for every paid subscription on Leadbook
  • Customised 1-to-1 work session (30 min) with a Leadbook expert to refine their go-to-market strategy

What are the special packages?

Leadbook offers the following rates to Singapore companies:

USD300/year (Original Price USD400/year)
Credits expire every year
USD1,140/year (Original Price USD1,520/year)
Credits expire every year
USD5,400/year (Original Price USD7,200/year)
Credits expire every year
USD300/year (Original Price USD400/year)
Credits expire every year
USD1,140/year (Original Price USD1,520/year)
Credits expire every year
10,000 CREDITS
USD5,400/year (Original Price USD7,200/year
Credits expire every year

Who can apply?

All Singapore companies, including SMEs with:

  • Global aspirations

  • Clear internationalisation plan

  • Competitive product or service

  • Potential economic benefits to Singapore

*SMEs are defined as companies having annual turnover of less than S$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report.
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