Trade Statistics

Enterprise Singapore is the official source of Singapore's trade statistics. We provide this through StatLink, an online platform that provides data on trade volumes and values of Singapore's bilateral trade in various trade types and periods for all commodities in HS1 and SITC2 codes. StatLink also provides weekly and monthly oil trade statistics and weekly oil stock levels.

What can Trade Statistics do for you?

  • Obtain trend analysis of trade data pertaining to specific products and/or markets;
  • Assess the level of competition for your products in a particular market; and
  • Ascertain the level of market access, when used in conjunction with tariff data in importing markets

    How to Obtain Trade Statistics

    1. Annual Subscription

    Statlink has an annual subscription fee of S$20. Each account comes with 4 complimentary supplementary accounts.


    Subscribers can search for specific trade data pertaining to specific products and/or markets, and request for soft copy reports. Each report is chargeable staring from a base price of S$10. Non-subscribers can also purchase the reports from S$20 onwards.

    You can also purchase a monthly report that provides a trend analysis on Singapore's external trade on a month-on-month and year-on-year basis. This is available in softcopy for a fee of S$600. To purchase this monthly report,

    2. Monthly Publication

    This publication contains imports, exports, domestic exports and re-exports of Singapore's bilateral trade for the current month and year to date. This is available at a fee of S$1500. To purchase this monthly publication, email

    3. Monthly and Weekly oil statistics

    The monthly Oil Trade statistics are available at S$50 per month, all fields are preset with oil product codes. Customers who schedule one year's worth of data will obtain the full year's data at S$525.

    For the report on Weekly Oil Trade statistics, it is available at S$80 per month, all fields are preset with oil product codes. Customers who wish to schedule one year's worth of data can obtain the full year's data at S$850.

    If you are interested to subscribe Oil Trade statistics, email

    1 The Harmonized System (HS) is an international nomenclature (at 6-digit level) developed by the World Customs Organization for the classification of goods.
    2 The SITC was developed by the United Nations with the intention of classifying traded products not only on the basis of their material and physical properties, but also according to which stage of processing, as well as their economic functions, in order to facilitate economic analysis.
    Note: All prices quoted are inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST)


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