Export Guide


The commercial trade of goods to and from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is strictly prohibited.
Non-commercial shipments of goods to and from the DPRK must have a permit.
Please click here for the advisory on the permit requirements.

We have identified seven key steps to help you achieve export success.

Download the complete Export Guide here.

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    Selecting your Export Market

    Learn how to conduct market research, identify your target market, evaluate the pros and cons of each market, and spot potential opportunities and challenges before entering.

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    Marketing and Branding your Exports

    Prepare an export marketing and branding plan as a guide to implement and execute the critical strategies you need to achieve your export objectives.

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    Entering your Selected Market

    Choose an appropriate market entry strategy: direct export to end-buyers, indirect export through third parties, franchising, or establishing a branch or subsidiary office in your chosen market.

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    Logistics of Getting your Exports into Market

    Plan the best mode of transporting your products internationally based on your customers’ requirements, and familiarise yourself with the customs regimes of both Singapore and your target market.

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    Financing your Export Operations

    Review your budget to decide on the best financing option through bank loans, angel investors, private equity and venture capital investors, government assistance schemes, and more.

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    Dealing with the Legal Side of Export

    Protect your transactions by complying with the laws of Singapore, your destination market, and the region, while safeguarding your confidential information, assets and intellectual property.

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    Getting a Handle on Export Risks

    Exporting will expose you to a new set of risks. Proper risk management planning and sound business practices are crucial for handling risks and for mitigating their impact on your business.

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