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IE Singapore works with new partners to roll out more overseas in-market workshops for SMEs in SEA following successful runs

06 Jun 2017

In response to SMEs' feedback on the effec...

Review of 1Q 2017 Trade Performance

25 May 2017

On a y-o-y basis, Singapore’s total merchandise trade expanded by 16.3% in 1Q 2017, extending the 4.0% increase in the previous quarter, as both oil and non-oil trade grew. Oil trade contributed the bulk (64%) of the expansion, growing by 77.1% in 1Q 2017 amid higher oil prices than a year ago.

IE Singapore works with Singapore companies to clinch deals in Haryana state as its Chief Minister makes first visit to Singapore

23 May 2017

IE Singapore and Singapore Business Federation sign MOUs with Poland and Czech Republic to help Singapore companies explore manufacturing and technology partnerships

20 May 2017

IE Singapore: Commodity trading remains a key pillar of Singapore's economy amid global volatility

18 May 2017

Singapore's External Trade April 2017

17 May 2017

Singapore's External Trade April 2017

Anchanto partners IE Singapore to set up logistics networks in 9 countries in 2016, aims to be SEA’s top ecommerce selling and logistics platform by 2019

04 May 2017

IE Singapore partners India co-working space and business research consultancy to ease market entry for SMEs venturing into India

02 May 2017

IE Singapore signs MOU with Guangxi to establish key Belt and Road connectivity node linking China to Southeast Asia

28 Apr 2017

Senior Minister of State Sim Ann leads 30 member Singapore delegation to Zhejiang reaffirms continuing Singapore China bilateral relations

24 Apr 2017