Infrastructure demand and consumerism will boost Asean's investment appeal: IE Singapore

20 Feb 2017


THE bustling South-east Asian market and its heavy demand for infrastructure and...

Popiah firm seeks help putting automation on the menu

19 Feb 2017

When Madam Li Li Hong went to Germany in 2015 for her first international food fair, she unwrapp...

Overseas push brings rich dividends for local firms

17 Feb 2017

Expanding into markets abroad has paid off for companies here, with overseas revenue growing at ...

IE S'pore: Internationalisation 'core' to sustaining country's growth

17 Feb 2017


LOCAL e-commerce Shopback is busy spreading its wings across the Asia-Pacific, w...

Overseas revenue key growth driver for local companies last year: IE Singapore

16 Feb 2017

Companies saw overseas revenue grow at a faster rate last year as they looked abroad for opportunities, according to International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.

S'pore firms eye Indonesia for growth

16 Feb 2017

Indonesia has jumped to top spot as the most attractive overseas destination for Singapore compa...

Internationalisation key engine of growth for local firms: IE Singapore

16 Feb 2017

INTERNATIONALISATION has become the key engine of growth and transformation for Singapore companies, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore said on Thursday.

Help create recipe for SMEs venturing overseas

15 Feb 2017

Home-grown restaurant chain Gratify Group has been looking to take its Seoul Yummy brand oversea...

Mexico looks East in face of Trump's protectionist policies

13 Feb 2017


US President Donald Trump's protectionist policies have spurred Mexico to look E...

Singapore must deepen global links, press on with open trade

10 Feb 2017

Strategy 1: Deepen and diversify our international connections

Singapore must remain pl...