Singapore Snapshot

Total Population
5.54 million
Resident Population
3.9 million
Total Land Area
719.1 sq km
Gross Domestic Product
S$402.5 billion (US$292.8 billion)
Total Trade
S$844.1 billion (US$614.0 billion)
Top 5 Trading Partners
China, Malaysia, EU 28, US, Indonesia
Literacy Rate (among residents aged 15 yrs & over)
Official Languages
English (Language of administration), Mandarin, Malay (National Language) & Tamil
Sources: International Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Department of Statistics


More about Singapore

Singapore has a reputation for transparency, pro-business policies, and trusted legal and corporate governance systems. English is the official language of administration and commerce, making Singapore conducive for business.

With the entire country occupying an area smaller than New York City, Singapore companies have always understood the need to look beyond the city-state’s shores to overcome the limitations of a small domestic market.

Their extensive experience in doing business around the region and the world has enabled them to evolve into excellent business partners with a strong track record of delivering integrated solutions and high quality products.

Singapore companies are known for their unparalleled dedication to quality, high standards of delivery and relentless drive to innovate. They excel in fields as diverse as infocomm technology, education, transportation, urban planning, port services and seawater desalination, among others.

For these reasons and more, Singapore companies make ideal business partners who can help you grow your business.

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In any business partnership, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. Discover how these Singapore companies and their overseas partners leveraged their individual strengths to create mutually beneficial business solutions all around the world.