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Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

are treaties which make trade and investment
between 2 or more economies easier.
International business is now simpler with

Singapore's network of over
22 implemented agreements

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
consist of three main areas:
Trade in Goods
Trade in Goods

Seeks to remove tariffs and address non-tariff measures

Trade in Services
Trade in Services

Deals with regulations to ensure market access and national treatment


Seeks to protect and promote investment

In keeping pace with an ever-changing global landscape,
the scope of our FTAs is expanding to include more issues of interest to businesses, such as e-commerce,
intellectual property rights, competition, government procurement and dispute settlement.
Find out more about the FTAs.
Have an export question? Use the Tariff Finder and get the answers you'll need for Tariff and Non-Tariff trade measures.
Find out how you can access the Tariff Finder easily, through this video Tariff Finder Video

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