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ASEAN - China Free Trade Area

China market snapshot
Population Population 1.36 billion (2014)
GDP GDP S$ 13.11 trillion (2014)
GDP per capita GDP
per capita
S$ 9,617.29 (2014)
Bilateral trade Bilateral
S$ 123.45 billion (2015)
Key Benefits
  • Tariff elimination for about 85% of Singapore’s exports to China.

  • Allows for back-to-back shipment of goods within member countries.

  • Allows for third-party invoicing of goods.

  • Allows for ASEAN Cumulation.
Can your product(s) enjoy this FTA's tariff concessions?
Step 1: Find out what is the preferential rate offered for your product
Step 2: Find out your product's rules of origin

Rules of origin are a set of criteria which determine a product's originating status in each respective FTA. It is put in place to ensure that only goods originating from the FTA partner countries will benefit from tariff concessions.

Is your product
obtained/produced entirely
within Singapore?
Obtained Rule
Does your product fall
under the list for
'Product Specific Rules'?
Click here to find out
Specific Rule

40% of its content
must originate from the
ASEAN-China region
How to apply, if your products(s) can enjoy tariff concessions:
Singapore Customs is the Authorised Body in Singapore for FTA Preferential Certificate of Origin (PCO) application. Below are the three general documentary processes in using FTA.
Manufacturer’s Application Form
Manufacturing Cost Statement
Preferential Certificate of Origin
The process from registration to receiving PCO would typically take less than one month. Please refer here for more information.
ACFTA Legal Text
Have an export question? Use the Tariff Finder and get the answers you'll need for Tariff and Non-Tariff trade measures.
Find out how you can access the Tariff Finder easily, through this video Tariff Finder Video

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