IE Singapore – Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Singapore Business Federation (SBF) MOU

The MOU between CII, IE Singapore and SBF seeks to foster business partnerships between Singapore and Indian companies to help them penetrate and expand operations into both countries, or jointly undertake projects in these markets and other key ones. The MOU also intends to catalyse business transformation through the exchange of business innovation ideas, business models and the sharing of best practices to foster a new generation of globally competitive companies.

IE Singapore – Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Nanyang Technological University (NTU)/ National University of Singapore (NUS)/ Singapore Management University (SMU) MOU

During the ASEAN-INDIA Business Forum 2017, IE Singapore and CII signed 3 MOUs with three local universities – NTU, NUS and SMU to collaborate in creating an India Ready talent network. The MOUs will allow the universities and IE Singapore to tap CII’s network of over 8,000 members to create overseas attachment opportunities for enrolled students. 

IE Singapore – Government of Rajasthan MOU

IE Singapore inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 6 October 2016 with the Government of Rajasthan to facilitate collaboration between Singapore and Rajasthan companies in smart urban solutions and tourism development. IE Singapore is facilitating collaboration in two demonstrative projects on waste management solutions and wide-area digital networking to remote areas. IE Singapore will also encourage business collaborations between Singapore companies, the Government of Rajasthan and Indian businesses to develop tourism products and services promoting Rajasthan, including the rejuvenation of heritage buildings.

IE Singapore - Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC)

IE Singapore signed a MOU with Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) on 12 Jan 2017. This MOU will see GIDC as a one-stop agency to provide single-window facilitation for Singapore companies setting up in Gujarat, accelerating market entry by allocating suitable manufacturing locations and facilitating incentive applications. In addition, this partnership opens up opportunities to explore collaboration in master-planning and developing supporting infrastructure for Gujarat’s industrial zones.

IE Singapore – Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB)

IE Singapore signed a MOU with Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) on 12 Jan 2017. With this MOU, Singapore companies can access opportunities to improve the operations, efficiency and management of ports and port lands in Gujarat by developing infrastructure and implementing technologies. IE Singapore and GMB will also facilitate pilot projects, training and visits to share expertise.

IE Singapore – Pune Municipal Corporation MOU

IE Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Pune Municipal Corporation on 23 March 2017 to further expand our networks with key local government partners across India. The partnership will focus on identifying projects and helping Singapore urban solutions companies access opportunities in smart cities in Pune.