Industry Profile

Building a reliable public transportation system is a pressing priority for both developing and developed countries. For developing countries, it is a driver of growth, and for developed countries, there is always a need to improve transport efficiency.

Singapore is among the most densely populated countries in the world, with a rapidly evolving transport infrastructure that caters to growing transport demand in the midst of space constraints. We are building an extensive public transport network and optimising road usage that will move us into the future1.

This will further improve with the Land Transport Industry Transformation Map (ITM), a national upgrading plan that is expected to add 8,000 public transport jobs by 2030. The industry currently employs 123,000 people, The ITM, a response to disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles (AVs), big data and artificial intelligence, aims to harness their potential to improve the land transport system. For instance, there will be S$25 million set aside for mobility-related research and technology trials.


1: Ministry of Transport