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Building a "Made in Singapore" air-con brand

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In a market dominated by Japanese, Korean, and Chinese brands, Trentios carved out a niche for itself with its line of energy-efficient air conditioners (air-con). With IE Singapore's help, the company has established a retail presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and plans to invest $5 million in the next three years for further expansion. CEO and founder Mr Joel Ho, shares his entrepreneurship and innovation story.

Mr Joel Ho

Mr Joel Ho started his first business selling general electrical appliances in 1998 when he was just 27. Juggling two retail shops was tough then, but the situation was made even worse by the economic crisis. Facing many financial problems, he had no choice but to give up both shops.

Despite these early setbacks, Mr Ho's wife encouraged him not to give up. A ray of hope presented itself in the year 2000, when Carrefour Singapore offered Mr Ho an opportunity to boost the sales of its air-con counter. With no experience selling air-con, he reached out to many wholesalers and suppliers for trade support. His hard work paid off as sales at Carrefour Singapore's air-con counter soared.

Thrilled, Mr Ho decided to venture deeper into the air-con market. After speaking to consumers and trade partners, he identified that there was a lack of quality portable air-cons in the market. In 2006, he struck up a partnership with a Chinese firm that specialised in research and development (R&D) on portable air-cons. In a short span of 2 years, Mr Ho's company, Trends Home, created some of the world's firsts: portable air-cons that evaporated excess water, digital heaters that customised temperatures to one's preference, and a 4-in-1 appliance that comprised cooling, heater, fan and humidifier, all in one.

Mr Ho's determination to improve never waned. As he puts it, "We are small, but we have to do something that is different from others. If not, why would people want to choose (our) brand?" That led him to think about his next steps.

In 2013, he was determined to build and promote a Singapore brand. He wanted to create "Made in Singapore" products that the world would know of. He approached IE Singapore for assistance, and a close relationship was formed. IE provided financial assistance for Trentios to hire a brand consultant - AS Louken, to help rebrand and position itself as a premier and quality air-con brand, transforming what was known as "Trends Home" to the "Trentios" of today.

IE also helped Trentios gain more targeted entry through accessing major retailers and distributors in the ASEAN markets. In particular, IE managed to connect Trentios with 36 Giant hyper-marts across Malaysia. With the assistance of IE overseas centres, Trentios was able to navigate specific market complexities such as Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) certification for Indonesia and regulatory requirements for Thailand.

Trentios also tapped on IE Singapore's Global Company Partnership scheme to secure patent rights for its products in various markets. "For a company that specialises in manufacturing of air-con and with large investment spent on research and development, securing patent rights is a natural move. Our business and research partners are more assured and willing to partner us," said Mr Ho.

Presently, Mr Ho still continues to push for R&D, not only to innovate new products, but also to adapt products for different market needs.

Motherswork at Great World City

"Don't always think about how to earn money, how much you want to earn, but see (how) you can help the consumer and partners to create something," said Mr Ho.

"Understand what the local consumer wants and find your Unique Selling Point."

From his experience in breaking into an overseas market, Mr Ho emphasised the importance for SMEs to identify each country/city's consumer challenges. He cited an example where his team had to produce an energy efficient air-con that works for customers in Indonesia. Village households typically have an electricity limit of 1000 watt, but a typical portable air-con unit requires at least 762 watts of energy. This caused even the best available portable air-con in the market, to trip the village households, when used with other appliances.

Taking the deep consumer need head on, the dedicated R&D team at Trentios managed to make an energy efficient portable air-con that ran on only 162 watts. Mr Ho explained, "If it's not the right product and you go into the market, it (wouldn't) benefit the consumer. You'll spoil the brand and everyone will talk about it … then you'll have a problem."

Mr Ho also insisted that Trentios' products must be able to elevate the "Singapore brand".

"I make sure my products really benefit the consumers. If not, there is no point. Singapore is so small… trust towards us is very important," said Mr Ho.

For example, Mr Ho identified that air-cons require frequent maintenance and competitors typically pump air bubbles into air-con pipes to locate leakages. To improve the servicing experience, he pushed his R&D team to develop a proprietary smart diagnostic system to be built into their air-cons. Through this technological innovation, Trentios' technicians are able to identify issues and recommend next steps to their customers easily.

Looking to the future, Trentios aims to continually improve their products especially in the areas of energy efficiency, smart technology, and making sure their designs are user-centric. With such offerings and services, Trentios is in a continuous partnership with IE Singapore to expand to the rest of Asia, Europe and the US.

As CEO and founder of Trentios, Mr Ho remains a humble man, never forgetting the efforts of his team, many of whom have been working with him for over ten years. Together, they desire for Singapore products to be known as "fantastic", and believe that what they are building now is not for themselves, but rather, for the next generation.

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