What is the eligibility criteria for the MRA Grant?

Companies applying for the MRA Grant should meet the following criteria:

  • Global HQ anchored in Singapore (Indicators could include the global C-level executives based in Singapore, board meetings held in Singapore, etc)
  • Group annual turnover not exceedingS$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report or group employment not exceeding 200 employees

How is Global HQ assessed?

To qualify for the MRA Grant, the company’s global management control and decision making functions must be based in Singapore. (Indicators could include the global C-level executives being based in Singapore; board meetings are held in Singapore, etc).

Can a company with existing overseas presence or overseas sales apply for the MRA Grant support?

Yes. However, Enterprise Singapore will clarify the rationale for the proposed activities and applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Can a company still apply for the MRA Grant if the total Group turnover exceeds S$100 million?

No. To be eligible for MRA grant, the total group turnover should be no more than S$100 million.

If both parent company and its subsidiary apply for the MRA Grant, are they subjected to a S$20,000 cap?

The grant cap of S$20,000 is applicable to each unique entity/company per fiscal year. Enterprise Singapore will review the applications based on the applicant company’s internationalisation plans.

Are group applications (two or more companies listed as applicants in one applicant form) for the MRA Grant allowed?

No. Companies seeking group applications can consider applying under the Global Company Partnership (GCP) Grant instead.

Can a director submit MRA Grant applications for multiple companies?

No. Different applications from companies with similar business registration details (including nature of business, address, shareholder/directorship, etc.) will be treated as connected enterprises, and will be subjected to the cumulative grant ceiling of S$20,000 per fiscal year.

Can sole proprietors and partnerships apply for the MRA Grant?

Yes. However, Enterprise Singapore will clarify the overseas expansion plans for sole proprietors and partnerships, and applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Can a company enjoy the MRA Grant in addition to financial schemes from other government agencies?

No, companies are not allowed to apply for the MRA Grant after they have received grant approvals on the same eligible expenses or events from other government agencies.

Can a company tap on both the Global Company Partnership (GCP) Grant and MRA Grant support concurrently?

Yes, eligible companies may apply for support under both GCP and MRA Grants as long as it is not for the same scope of work, services or activities supported.

Can a company apply for Double Tax Deduction on the same expenses supported by MRA Grant?

Yes. Qualifying expenses will be computed net of any grant or subsidy from the Government or statutory boards.

Can a company submit more than two applications even though S$20,000 has not been utilised?

No. The maximum number of applications allowed is two per fiscal year. The grant cap of S$20,000 is based on approved amount and not on unutilised amount.

If a company only utilised S$10,000 of grant support, can they carry forward the unutilised S$10,000 to the next fiscal year?

No. Each eligible company will start with S$20,000 at the beginning of each new fiscal year (1 April of current year to 31 March of the next year).

What does a retrospective application mean?

An application is deemed to be retrospective if any of the following events took place before submission via Business Grants Portal:

  • Made a payment including initial deposit to the consultant/third-party vendor
  • Signed the contractual agreement/purchase order with the consultant/third-party vendor
  • Commenced the project with the consultant/third-party vendor

Project commencement and completion dates must be in accordance to the project support period stipulated in the Business Grants Portal.

The only exception will be for ‘Participation in non-iMAP supported overseas trade fairs’. Companies may proceed with the following considerations based on the need to secure advance booth space and a longer preparation time:

  • Make payment including initial deposit to the show organiser/third-party vendor;
  • Sign contractual agreement/rental agreement/purchase order with the show organiser/third-party vendor

Companies will have to submit the application before the commencement date of the trade fair.

Can a company apply for a scope of work that it has internal capabilities for and is providing as a service to their clients?

No. Enterprise Singapore’s MRA Grant supports eligible third-party costs for activities and services that Singapore SMEs do not already possess in-house.

If Singapore is a target market, is the activity still eligible for MRA Grant?

The MRA Grant is meant to defray companies’ costs when they venture overseas. Activities intended for Singapore will not be supported.

Under what circumstances will applications be rejected?

The following list is non-exhaustive:

  • A company which does not meet the eligibility criteria: Global HQ anchored in Singapore and Group annual turnover not exceedingS$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report or group employment not exceeding 200 employees
  • A company holding a shell business registration or has its main business operation outside Singapore
  • A non-profit organisation
  • A company seeking support for the purpose of fundraising or increasing of domestic sales

Business Grants Portal and CorpPass

How can a company apply for the MRA Grant?

The company has to request for a cost quotation from the third party before logging into the Business Grants Portal with CorpPass.

What is Business Grants Portal?

Business Grants Portal (BGP) is a one-stop portal for businesses to apply for government grants. This paperless system allows entities to find grants they need with ease, enjoy a convenient form completion process and reduce the time spent on applications.

About 20 business grants offered by 10 government agencies are consolidated under three broad categories: Internationalisation, Capability Development and Training. Applicants need not spend time searching for the right agency for a required grant. By selecting your industry and area of need, you will be directed to the relevant application form. The BGP aims to make government grant applications more convenient for you.

If your company has not registered a CorpPass Administrator, please visit this page. Upon registration for a CorpPass Account and ID, users need to be assigned e-Service access to the BGP for grant applications.

What is the contact for technical enquiries related to the Business Grant Portal?

Please contact Business Grant Portal helpdesk at +65 6898 1800 or submit your feedback here.

Operating hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (Mondays to Fridays).

What is the contact for questions related to CorpPass registration?

Please call CorpPass Helpdesk at +65 6643 0577 or email them here.

Operating hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (Mondays to Fridays) and from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (Saturdays). Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.

My company is exempted from having our accounts audited. What documents should we upload under Business Grants Portal’s Company Profile?

You may upload unaudited financial statements or management accounts if audited statements are unavailable.

If the company is newly registered and a full year’s financial statement is not available, please provide unaudited financial statements or management accounts for year-to-date.

Where can applicants check the status of their grant application?

An email will be sent to company’s contact person notifying the status of the submitted grant application.

Alternatively, applicants may log on to the Business Grants Portal and access the ‘My Applications’ section to check on their grant application status by toggling between tabs (Drafts/Processing/Actions Required/Completed).

Can applications be revised after submission?

Once you have submitted your application, no further changes can be made. If the application is incomplete or should further amendments be required, we may return the application back to you for correction. You will then be required to re-submit your application.

What happens if the personnel handling the company’s grant application leaves the company? Can another staff submit the application on his/her behalf?

Any personnel assigned as a Business Grants Portal user in the company and is granted a Preparer or Acceptor role by the company’s CorpPass Administrator can edit and submit the grant application. Contact details of the new user should be updated in the BGP.

What happens if the CEO/MD who is authorised to accept the Letter of Offer leaves the company? How does the applicant update BGP and CorpPass about the new CEO/MD?

The company’s CorpPass Administrator should assign an Acceptor Role to the new CEO/MD within the e-Service of the Business Grants Portal. This enables the new management personnel to accept a Letter of Offer.

If the grant has not been approved, the CorpPass Administrator can update the ‘Letter of Offer’ addressee in the grant application form.

If the grant has been approved and a ‘Letter of Offer’ has been issued, no amendments to the addressee can be made. However, the new CEO/MD can still accept the ‘Letter of Offer’ if he/she has been granted rights to do so. Do update ACRA and the grant processing agency of the change in management details.


What information is required from the third party consultant’s proposal?

The information required includes but is not limited to:

  • Testimonials/credentials of the project team
    • Track record of past completed projects
    • Detailed scope of services
    • Cost breakdown by scope of services
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the project

What is the maximum support period for an approved activity under the MRA Grant?

The maximum support period for an approved activity is six months.

When can a company commence the project?

Companies can proceed to sign the contract with the consultant or third party vendor after submitting the application via the Business Grants Portal. Project commencement and completion dates must be in accordance to the project support period stipulated in the portal.

Is it mandatory for a company to appoint the consultants found in Enterprise Singapore’s reference list?

No. Companies can tap on the reference list or approach their preferred consultants for quotations. Companies are strongly encouraged to exercise due diligence prior to appointing any consultant.

Can companies engage a related associate as the third party vendor?

The applicant needs to ensure the suppliers and service providers engaged in the project do not have any relationship, connection, association or dealings with the applicant or its related companies, their directors and common shareholders.

What is the timeline for a company to submit their MRA Grant application to Enterprise Singapore?

Companies may submit their MRA Grant application from six months before the start of the project or activity.

Would support be granted for costs incurred on incorporation of foreign entity under the individuals’ names?

No. To qualify for MRA support, the foreign entity should be registered with the applicant company as a corporate shareholder.

With regard to the application on scope for ‘Participation in non-iMAP supported tradeshow’, why can a company only apply 6 months in advance before the event start date?

Companies are allowed to book booth space and confirm booth design and construction at an earlier date. The six-month period will allow Enterprise Singapore to have more certainty and clarity that the event will proceed as planned.

For participation in overseas tradeshows, companies can book booth space and confirm booth design and construction costs at an earlier date. However, the MRA Grant support is not guaranteed until the companies’ applications are approved by Enterprise Singapore.

Can a company tap on MRA Grant for “Participation in non-iMAP supported tradeshow” when

a) Booth space is unavailable under the Singapore National Pavilion supported under iMAP

b) It can secure a better booth location compared to the Singapore National Pavilion

c) It prefers not to be part of the Singapore National Pavilion

d) It prefers to exhibit in a different specialty hall within the same iMAP supported tradeshow

No to all of the above. We strongly encourage Singapore companies to be a part of Singapore’s Pavilion as this builds the Singapore overseas brand for our companies.

Why is grant support limited to booth with space of 36sqm?

Companies may expand your booth space beyond 36sqm, but MRA Grant support is capped at 36sqm per company. This allow us to maximise the grant support to more companies. Based on the current trends, a booth space of 36sqm is practical among most companies across different industries (eg. for display of their machines, furniture, etc).

Does a company need to follow a standard design for its company booth at an overseas tradeshow?

No, but the applicant company’s name should be reflected clearly on either the booth or exhibitor listing.

Are there any other supported expenses that are not stated in the scope?

Please note that only eligible expenses stated in the scope of the MRA Grant are supported. The following expenses are not supported under MRA Grant (please note that the list below is not exhaustive):

For all scopes:

  • Out of pocket expenses including Singapore GST, exchange rate losses etc.
  • Logistics, airfare, accommodation, in-house manpower, maintenance, security deposit, sales commission and success fees.

Overseas Market Set-Up

  • Application of work permit/visa
  • Appointment letter for employees
  • Due diligence conducted on M&A target
  • Drafting of rental agreement for residency and office rental
  • Drafting of management contracts
  • Drafting of sales agreements
  • Drafting of franchising and licensing agreements where applicant is franchisee or licensee
  • Engagement of HR recruitment firms and headhunters
  • Product certification costs

Overseas Business Partners

  • Purchasing/Subscription to offline/online directory listing and databases
  • Costs related to sourcing for suppliers, investors, capital raising, selling of company’s shares

Overseas Market Promotion

  • Prototyping
  • Production of corporate brochures
  • Costs incurred to fulfill contractual obligation with clients
  • Costs incurred for in-house PR project executed by the company such as venue booking, F&B and manpower

Participation in Non-iMAP supported Tradeshows

  • Participation in consumer fairs
  • Pull-up banners

Change Requests

Can a company request for an extension if they cannot complete the approved activity within six months or submit the claims within the stipulated deadline?

The maximum support period for an approved activity is six months and companies can take up to a maximum of three months to submit its claims upon completion of the activity. Companies with valid reasons may request for an extension from Enterprise Singapore via the Business Grants Portal before the project end date. The request will be subjected to approval.


Do the expenses of the approved activity need to be audited? Would there be any support for audit fees supported?

For all claims, the Company shall appoint an independent auditor to verify the eligibility, authenticity and accuracy of the items listed in the Statement of Claim. Company that uses Enterprise Singapore’s appointed auditors can be eligible for an audit fee grant, cap at S$500 or the prevailing support level of the audit fee as stated in Annex 1, whichever is lower.

What is the Auditors’ Report?

The Auditor’s Report is mandatory and serves as a confirmation statement by an independent auditor that certifies the amounts shown on the Statement of Claim is in accordance with the provisions of the Letter of Offer.

Why is there a need to engage Auditors?

The Auditor’s Report allows for smoother review of claims unless otherwise observed. The responsibility of the Auditor is to verify and confirm that the amounts shown on the Statement of Claim are in accordance with the provisions of the Letter of Offer. The auditor would then complete the Auditor’s Report.

Must we use the appointed auditor by Enterprise Singapore?

Your company may engage any qualified audit firm to perform the audit for the claim. However, companies using Enterprise Singapore’s appointed auditors are eligible for an audit fee grant, capped at S$500 or 70% of audit fee per project, whichever is lower.

What are the contact details of Enterprise Singapore's appointed auditors?

Audit Firm


Email Address Contact Details

Audit Alliance LLP

20 Maxwell Road #11-09
Maxwell House
S (069113)


auditalliance@gmail.com 6223 6796

CA Trust PAC

2 Bukit Merah Central
S (159835)


accounts@casingapore.com.sg 6336 8772 

Ecovis Assurance LLP

100 Tras Street #14-01
100 AMM
S (079027)


IEgrants@ecovis.com.sg 6632 7828

Geetha A & Associates

120 Lower Delta Road
Cendex Centre #15-15
S (169208)


geetha@gcpa.com.sg 6227 6445
 H.S. Lim & Co

7500A Beach Road
The Plaza #11-313/315
S (199591)


lin.youquan@hslimco.com 6225 3200
 JPLW Financial PAC

20 Maxwell Road
#07-12/13/14 Maxwell House
S (069113)


audit@jplwong.com.sg 6227 7175
Kong, Lim & Partners LLP       

13A Mackenzie Road
S (228676)


6227 4180  (ext: 701 & 801)
 Philip Liew & Co

190 Middle Road #14-05
Fortune Centre
S (188979)


lisa@philipliew.com.sg 6339 2838


Is inter-billing and/or cost sharing between related companies of the applicant company allowed?

The applicant company for MRA Grant is encouraged to make payment to the third-party consultant and/or vendor directly.

Can a company claim for additional expenses billed by the third party consultant or vendor after the activity is completed?

No. MRA Grant support is approved based on the quotation submitted by companies during the application stage. The approved quantum is final, and additional claims are not allowed.

Can the grant be provided on a cash advancement basis?

The grant is administered on a reimbursement basis to ensure the grants are strictly utilised for the approved project.

What are the documents required as proof of completion of project?

Companies may be required to submit additional claim documents at the request of the processing officer in Enterprise Singapore to substantiate the validity of the approved activities. Please be informed that the list below is non-exhaustive.

Project Scope

Deliverables to be provided during claims

Market Entry

  • Proof of Intellectual Property (IP), trademarks that have been filed including relevant filing documents submitted to authorities
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Copy of permit/licenses/franchise agreement

Identification or business matching of potential overseas business partners and/or customers

  • Detailed profile report on the profile of the potential customers/partners for the company in the selected market and business matching outcomes
  • Photocopy of potential customer’s/partner’s name cards

Overseas Market and PR Activities

  • Event write-up attached with corresponding materials such as photographs and publicity materials. The write-up should include the number of attendees for the event or campaign and profile of target audience
  • Overall roadmap/communications plan of activities that have been completed


Participation in Overseas Trade Fair

  • Photographs and exhibitors’ listing reflecting applicant company’s name on booth frontage
  • An event write-up detailing the environment of the booth, experience as well as how participation has benefited the applicant company in 3-4 paragraphs, presented in a word document.


How will I be notified of the claims disbursement?

An email will be sent to the email address stated in your Statement of Claim form to confirm the transaction.

Withdrawal of Grants

Step 1/4

  • Acceptor login to BGP > Click on Action Required tab
  • Click on grant Project Title



Step 2/4

  • Click on 'Withdraw Application'



Step 3/4

  • Enter 'Remarks'
  • Click on 'Withdraw Application'



Step 4/4

  • Grant application has been withdrawn


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The operating hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm (Mondays to Fridays) and from 8:00am to 2:00pm (Saturdays).
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Business Grants Portal Issues
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