Brochures: For Foreign Companies

  • Singapore: Asia’s Infrastructure Hub

    Singapore: Asia’s Infrastructure Hub

    Learn how you can leverage Singapore’s strengths as Asia’s infrastructure hub to translate the region’s potential into tangible opportunities for your business.

  • The Singapore Advantage

    The Singapore Advantage

    Learn what makes Singapore companies ideal partners in today’s ever-changing business environment.

  • IE_Tourism-Infrastructure_EN

    Tourism Infrastructure

    Singapore based companies work partners on overseas tourism projects, offering services across hospitality and attractions sectors. 

  • IE_Singapore-Your-Global-Trading-Hub_Apr2013


    Singapore's trading firms are undergirded by a strong ecosystem of finance, risk management, insurance, arbitration and logistics. 

  • IE_Waste-Management

    Waste Management

    Singapore-based companies pioneer new waste management techniques for urban populations, making cities clean, sustainable and more livable.

  • IE_Water-and-Wastewater-Management_EN

    Water & Wastewater Management

    Singapore is fast becoming a global hub for water management knowledge, services and technology. 

  • IE_Urban-Solutions

    Urban Solutions

    Singapore-has developed innovative Urban Solutions across the value chain, from planning to construction, implementation and management.

  • IE_Urban-Mobility_EN

    Urban Mobility

    Urban populations require reliable, efficient transportation services to support optimal productivity and improve their quality of life.

  • IE_Sustainable-Energy-Solutions_EN

    Sustainable Energy Solutions

    In Singapore, enhancing energy efficiency and developing clean energy have been adopted to improve energy management.

  • IE_Singapore-Representative-Office-Scheme_Apr2012

    Representative Office Scheme

    Position your business for growth in Asia, at the heart of Asia. 

  • IE Singapore Precious Metal Publication

    Precious Metals

    As a wealth management hub, Singapore is positioned to accommodate the growing demand for precious metals.

  • IE_Industrial-Development-and-parks_EN

    Industrial Developments & Parks

    Singapore-based companies are recognized for developing science, technology and industrial parks.

  • IE_Spore-your-partner-to-Asia_Infra-Services_Sept-2011

    Infrastructure Services

    Singapore has a conducive business infrastructure supported by investment and international trade policies.

  • IE_The-Heart-of-Good-Food_Sep2012

    Tasty Singapore Industry Book

    Tasty Singapore promises, and delivers, a high level of confidence and trust in food produced by Singapore based food companies. 

  • IE_Consumer-Electronics_March-2013

    Consumer Electronics

    Singapore electronics companies are experienced channel partners and third-party service providers with global presence.

  • Cold Chain Logistics - English version

    Cold Chain Logistics

    Singapore’s Cold Chain logistics companies have a world-class reputation and integrated capabilities in transportation, warehousing and reverse logistics. This brochure showcases their value proposition to Chinese companies looking for CCL solutions.